Madonna’s Medellin

Song Medellin by Madonna

Madonna’s recent song “Medellin” is not so far off from the truth with videos of horse riding.  Medellin, Colombia’s 2nd largest city after the capital of Bogota is in the department of Antioquia which is well known for the Paso Fino horse.  After living here for one year, I continually find myself surprised when we are driving to a near-by town and a very well dressed Colombian cowboy passes us by on a horse that looks as if it is dancing in place. 

These famous Colombian horses are the pride and joy of many ranch owners in Antioquia, Colombia.   According to Equisearch, an online magazine for people who love horses, these horses made their way to Latin America from Europe on Columbus’ ship.  Several breads evolved and mated in Latin America to become different breeds of horses that have incredible stamina, chrisma and elegance and a smooth gait.  These horses are today known as “Paso Fino”.  

When my Colombian boyfriend’s aunt told me about the recent Madonna song, I promptly watched the video and felt as if I were in the country-side of Antioquia.  The fact that she named the song, “Medellin”, a very bustling city in the valley of the great Andean mountains, perplexed me. The video did not show Medellin nor did the lyrics elude to the city.  However, the countryside of the horses did feel very Anitioquia-like.  

To Madonna I say, please come join us in Antioquia and experience the authentic life of these people.  She seems to be interested in Medellin, and for good reason.

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