Introducing Human Nature

Safety At Human Nature, the safety of our travelers and staff is our number one priority. From risk management to attending medical emergencies, we are committed to keeping our participants and communities safe. We offer decades of combined experience in risk management, WFR-certified trip leaders, a US-based doctor on call, and a network of public and private in-country clinics and medical professionals who can mobilize to get us fast, expert service in the case of an emergency.

Expertise We have 30 years of combined experience in itinerary design, logistics operations, and trip leading. We take great pride in our depth of knowledge about both the people and places we visit.

Customization We work with our clients to custom-design each itinerary, making sure it meets your specific needs. 

Community partners We have long-standing relationships with our community partners, which leads to more authentic and meaningful experiences.

Dedicated to doing good. We are dedicated to conservation, education, and the growth that comes from intentional travel. Our programs work to benefit not just our participants, but the local communities that we visit.

Small, female-owned business We are a boutique, educational travel company founded and led by experienced female leaders.

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