Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s biodiversity, proportional to its size as a country, rivals that found anywhere else in the world. It contains 922 species of birds (over 60 of which are endemics!), representing roughly 9% of the world’s avifauna in just 0.03% of the Earth’s land surface.

  Costa Rica boasts friendly people, delightful traditional foods, and breathtaking scenery at every turn. You will love the Pura Vida lifestyle, the easy and safe travel, and the incredible biological richness that this Central American haven has to offer.

 You’ll be traveling with an expert naturalist guide who is well-versed in the food, culture, and natural history of this delightful place. As a Tropical Biology instructor and part-time researcher, your guide  wields an extra depth of knowledge about birds, plants, herpetofauna, insects, and mammals, and has intimate understanding of undergoing taxonomic changes in those groups.

Where in Costa Rica?

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