Field Courses

At Human Nature, we have mastered the art of designing and implementing top-notch, customized field courses at the graduate, undergraduate, and high school level. 

Our clients work hand-in-hand with Programs Director Alexa Stickel to create their ideal field course experience. Alexa is an expert naturalist guide, course coordinator, and field instructor, herself a former Tropical Ecology field course student and Teaching Assistant. As such, she has accumulated 15 years of experience with both teaching and field course design in Costa Rica.  Alexa’s commitment to providing an impactful place-based experience sets the tone for the Human Nature standard that clients value.

With our extensive network of local naturalist guides, biologists, lecturers, researchers, and biological field stations, we can help you execute any field course you dream up. Beyond the natural sciences, we can also connect you with expert educators in other subjects such as art, dance, exercise physiology, history, writing, and Spanish language.

Human Nature clients receive on-the-ground support and guidance from the moment they arrive in-country. Our field courses are set up with local logistics coordinator who is also an expert naturalist guide and bilingual interpreter, so that professors can focus on teaching.

Human Nature weaves community and culture into all of our programs, independent of what the academic focus is.  This leaves our participants with a better understanding of the interconnectedness of this special country, its natural places, and its talented and welcoming people.

Because we customize each itinerary to the specific needs and wants of each client, each one is completely unique. For a sample itinerary, please contact us  with your course title, academic goals, and ideal number of days in-country, and we will send you some examples that look like a good fit.

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