Gap Year

At GATA, we custom design Gap Year programs, working with each individual traveler to create a comprehensive itinerary that meets their needs, interests, and personal goals. GATA’s Gap Year programs can range from 1 month to 1 year, and can focus on a single region or community or combine multiple regions into one itinerary.


Who are Gap Years for?

◦ Students aged 18+ who are taking a summer, semester, or year off to explore the world and learn outside of the classroom in a global, hands-on environment

◦ Adults of all ages and walks of life seeking a new adventure or a career break

◦ Families looking to enrich their global understanding, make intercultural connections, and strengthen their relationships ◦ Remote workers–why not make the Amazon your office or swim under a glacier fed waterfall on your lunch break?

Gap Year Destinations

◦ Quito

◦ Amazon

◦ Cloud Forest

◦ Sierra

◦ Galapagos

Gap Year Activity Options

All GATA Gap year programs include: 24/7 in country support and private transportation

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