Our Leadership Team

Rayna Weiss

Rayna has been asserting her independence as an intrepid explorer since the age of two and a half, when she rode her pink tricycle down the steep, high traffic road into town.  Later, as a student at the Steamboat Mountain School, she had the opportunity to travel the world with her classmates on trips to Southern Africa, Vietnam, Costa Rica and Peru.  She studied Marketing and Spanish at the University of Denver and spent a semester abroad in Chile.  While in Chile, she fell in love with Latin American culture and set her sights on returning someday.  

She made that return after graduating from college when she rode her bike across the South American continent.  She started her own non profit, PEDAL for Change, as a way to facilitate intercultural experiences for students on adventure biking trips.  She operated PEDAL for Change in Ecuador for several years before segwaying into the business that would ultimately become Human Nature Expeditions. 

Now, after more than 10 years of organizing service and adventure trips, she lives in Guatape, Colombia with her husband and dog.  Rayna has plans to start a farm and continue to work towards Human Nature’s mission to create a better world through transformative travel experiences.  

Alexandra Osetek

Alex was raised on the northern shores of Lake Michigan, but has spent most of her life living the nomadic lifestyle of a global explorer.  Having lived in tents, trees, and across multiple continents, she is a lifelong adventurer, traveler, and outdoorswoman.  She is most at home in nature, exploring the remaining wildernesses of our planet, and she is passionate about protecting those sacred wild places.  

Alex has a uniquely diverse personal, academic, and professional background having held titles including but not limited to: educator, executive director, community organizer, carpenter, coach, baker, and administrator in both the nonprofit and private sectors.  She has traveled to nearly 50 countries and is an expert in community development and cross cultural communication and relationship building.  Alex brings this wealth of knowledge and experience to the Human Nature team, playing the role of operations director, business administrator, and trip leader.  She is a deep, critical thinker and creative problem solver, never afraid of a challenge. 

When not traveling the world or leading educational trips, she splits her time between Quito Ecuador with her beloved cat (Pula) and family of houseplants, Michigan, and wherever her sprinter van (Olaf) and her own two feet will take her. 

Alexa Stickel

Alexa was born in Switzerland, raised in Miami, USA  and has been living in Monteverde, Costa Rica for the past decade. She  discovered the magic of tropics as a student on a 3-week Ecology field course in 2008, and has been sharing her passion for the natural world through her work (and play) ever since! Alexa is a professional Naturalist guide and Field Instructor/Course designer for Tropical ecology field courses in the tropics, and is skilled at communicating natural history in a way that is both academically accurate and entertaining, easily absorbed and retained by people of all ages and backgrounds. She is an avid birdwatcher, loves to travel, and also loves to dance and connect with people who have different perspectives than hers. She is a student of life: insatiably curious about the world around her and always up for an adventure. Her personal and professional experiences in course design have afforded her a unique perspective on effective science natural history communication, and she is excited about implementing these pedagogical methods both in the field and in curriculum design for Human Nature Expeditions.    

When she is not working, she’s birding- here in Costa Rica, or chasing species around the globe- or she is dancing salsa, merengue, cumbia, or bachata. Alexa is a certified Zumba instructor. She loves food, is a great baker, and will eat anything once. She is fluent in Spanish, and speaks some French too. She also just started a Youtube channel together with Human Nature Expeditions! Check out her videos and unique teaching style and get an idea of who you’ll be working with in the field by clicking on the “Alexa Explains” tab.

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