Rayna Weiss, Co-Founder and Operations

Rayna has been asserting her independence as an intrepid explorer since the age of two and a half, when she rode her pink tricycle down the steep, high traffic road into town.  Later, as a student at the Steamboat Mountain School, she had the opportunity to travel the world with her classmates on trips to Southern Africa, Vietnam, Costa Rica and Peru.  She studied Marketing and Spanish at the University of Denver and spent a semester abroad in Chile.  While in Chile, she fell in love with Latin American culture and set her sights on returning someday.  

She made that return after graduating from college when she rode her bike across the South American continent.  She started her own non profit, PEDAL for Change, as a way to facilitate intercultural experiences for students on adventure biking trips.  She operated PEDAL for Change in Ecuador for several years before segwaying into the business that would ultimately become Human Nature Expeditions. 

Now, after more than 10 years of trip leading and organizing service and adventure trips, she lives in Guatape, Colombia with her husband and dog, Mongo.  Rayna has plans to start a farm and continue to work towards Human Nature’s mission by trip leading and creating a business that betters world through transformative travel experiences.  

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