The Adventure Capital of Colombia

Santander, lies in the northern central area of Colombia.  It is a mixture of steep razor-sharp mountains, profound canyons, plummeting waterfalls, raging rivers, and unexplored caves; all this in a  temperate, dry climate. It is no wonder why travelers come from all parts of the world to bike, climb, hike and spelunk. Not only does Santander offer an incredible range of outdoor activities but it’s cultural heritage is no boring trip to the museum.  Santander boasts the most beautiful colonial town in all of Colombia. Barichara’s white washed building with red tile roofs enchants every visitor and local alike.


Santander Highlights

  • Spelunking in La Cueva de La Vaca. Located just outside the town of Curiti, La Cueva de La Vaca is the most attractive and adventurous cave in the area with numerous caverns filled with stalagmites and stalactites.
  • Rappel down a waterfall
  • Rafting the raging water of Rio Suarez and Rio Fonce
  • Stay at a Ecolodge and learn all about sustainability in Colombia and initiatives this particular hotel is taking in order to be more friendly to the environment.

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