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The Valley of Eternal Spring 8 Day Itinerary

Day 1: Travel from home and arrive to the capital of Antioquia, Colombia: The dazzling city of Medellin.

Day 2: Graffiti tour of the amazing Comuna 13, the once violent and vulnerable neighborhood that has transformed itself in the most progressive area of Medellin.Day 3: Service work in Comuna 13

Day 4: Raft down a pristine jungle river while learning about the diverse ecosystem.

Day 5: Head to the most colorful village in the country, Guatapé. Enjoy the amazing lake and mountainous surrounding and walk 650 stairs to the top of a granite monolith that is 935 feet tall.

Day 6-7: Sea Kayak the giant reservoir and rock climb on the granite monolith. An evening of the best pizza in town for our goodbye dinner.

Day 8: Say goodbye to Colombia and head back home.

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Antioquia is a department  that lies in the Northwest and that has both Caribbean and Pacific coastlines.  With infinite natural beauty, perfect weather and incredibly diverse climate zones such as tropical jungles, pristine exclusive beaches and large progressive cities, there is an endless list of can’t miss experiences.  Colombia is quickly becoming one of the “must visit” destinations of South America, however there is still time to experience all of it’s authentic charm due to less tourism in the last 20 years. Many will go strait to Cartagena and skip Antioquia all together, but they are truly missing out on the “Paisa” culture that no other region in the world can compare.

Antioquia’s Highlights

  • Medellin:  A dazzling city that has transformed itself from the violence capital of the world to the progressive city winning prizes for its up and coming development projects
  • Guatapé and the Big Rock:  A giant monolith that overlooks blue waters of a beautiful reservoir near the most colorful town in the world.
  • Rafting Rio Verde and Rio Claro :  An untouched emerald green river adventure that goes through virgin jungle to a natural marble reserve.
  • Unique and dangerously entertaining Spanish classes by linguistic professionals
  • Birding in the most eco-diverse country in South America
  • Service in a marginalized community that is the model of transformation
  • Waterfalls, coffee farms and crystal clear creeks

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