Cloud Forest Tour

Cloud Forests, Chocolate and Coffee

Lush, green mountains shrouded in mysterious mist makes for a dramatic and breathtakingly beautiful backdrop for the adventure of a lifetime. Our Cloud Forest tour itineraries span from the colonial city of Quito, deep into the temperate Northern Andes and tropical Western Slope. 

Besides the rich cloud forest ecosystem, these adventure tours offer a truly authentic community experience. Living, working, and playing with local families who have organized themselves into a productive and sustainable community dedicated to conservation and environmental stewardship has been a life changing experience and favorite destination for many of our travelers.


  • Tour colonial Quito, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and best preserved colonial city in South America.
  • Learn how to salsa dance like a local by taking a class with a local latin dance instructor.
  • Learn how to cook traditional Ecuadorian food with a private cooking class.
  • Work alongside locals on a variety of community projects such as:
    • Organic farming
    • Reforestation
    • Construction
    • Cheese & marmalade making
  • Get up early to milk cows and then enjoy fresh milk for breakfast.
  • Visit the highest point of the cloud forest reserve with a 360 viewpoint of spectacular mountains and volcanos.
  • Play soccer and other games with the community members.
  • Experience rural Ecuadorian family life by staying in beautiful homes and having family time. 
  • Hike along an ancient, pre-Incan trail that, over the course of over a thousand years, has been worn down into a tunnel-like pass more than 15 feet deep.
  • Tube down a rushing river through looming forested mountains.
  • Zoom across a green mountain valley on a cable line and hike through the tropical cloud forest to a breathtaking waterfall.
  • Hold and feed thousands of giant, exotic butterflies at the Mindo Butterfly Pavilion.  
  • Learn the process of making chocolate from cultivating cacao trees to enjoying a delicious chocolate bar at a small scale chocolate factory.

Itineraries from 1 week to 1+month

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