Colombia is the most biodiverse country by area in the world and according to Culture Trip, 1 and every 10 species of flora and fauna can be found in Colombia.  So, if you love plants and animals, Colombia is a destination for you.  Let’s not forget to mention that Colombia is famous for having one of the most hospitable cultures in South America.   It’s like the South of the United States on Prozac.  If you ask someone how to find the bus stop or where the nearest market is, don’t be surprised when they drop everything that they are doing to accompany you to each area.     So, if you like nice people, beautiful landscapes, Spanish Colonial architecture, and delicious tropical food, feel free to chat us up so we can help you come visit!

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Frequently asked questions about Colombia:

Is Colombia safe? 

This is a great questions and an understandable one!  I have been living in Colombia for 6 years now and feel very safe.  However, like all of Latin America, one must be careful.  I am going to refer you to other websites so you can fully understand the situation.

Is it Columbia or Colombia?

Colombia.  That is the name of the country.  Columbia is the popular clothing brand and other names of other places.

Where in Colombia?

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